Selling My Work

by dongalaxy

I have been struggling lately with how/if I should sell my artwork. Considering the fact that everything is done digitally, there is no “original”, per se, besides the hi-resolution art file that I store on my computer. The images that I upload to these online galleries, while sufficiently clear and detailed, do not do the work justice. In an era where everything can be downloaded or copied or plagiarized or artistically “neutered”, there needs to be a way to make my work available, in very limited quantities, to people who really appreciate it. So I will be figuring out a way to produce very limited, very high-quality print runs of my work and sell them at a premium price. This will be as close to owning an original as you can get. In some ways, you, the potential owner, will be in possession of something even more special than the digital file I create. I will let everyone know more as soon as I figure out how and where to do all of this.

Thanks for listening! And thanks to my dear, dear friend and artist Mia Makila for the inspiration. I wouldn’t be where I am today without her constant guidance and support. If you haven’t seen her work, you must: